The value of a Brand in this hyper-competitive world is unquestionable. Identity, tone, and values all serve to create recognition that is a critical component in broadening the reach and potential success of your product or service.

You, like many of the professional marketers and business leaders we work with day-in and day-out, have probably spent a considerable amount of time and effort (not to mention money) in determining how best to represent your brand.

You’ve likely considered dozens of logo designs, assessed the implications of various color combinations, reflected on the tone each element of the branding will cast toward prospective customers, and determined if all of this defines your desired brand personality.

There is no question that each of these things is important and contributes significantly to the recognition and ultimate value of the brand. Studies have shown that strong brands lend considerable value to the future earnings of the product and to the value of the organization as well. The time and effort you dedicate to this exercise will likely contribute significant returns in the future.

Since 2000 we have worked with hundreds of major corporations and the products and services they promote. Many of these products and services started off with fantastic branding; strong, iconic logos, along with clear personality and messaging perfectly crafted to communicate the essence of the brand, and yet, they weren’t successful. Why?

While branding and brand development are the customer facing aspects of your marketing effort, without a solid and carefully crafted positioning strategy, most branding efforts are empty vessels — interesting to look at, but without the strategic backbone necessary to create the deep connections that iconic brands have fostered.

We understand the frustrations that come with having committed significant time, effort, and money to developing a brand that isn’t performing the way you expect it to.

You're Not Alone

If you’re struggling to get the results you want, you may be questioning whether your branding is right. Our experience says that it might not be your branding that needs revising. While there are many reasons strong brand development efforts don’t translate into the sustained long-term growth you’re reaching for, one reason shows up as the culprit more often than any other … ineffective positioning strategy – a positioning strategy that lacks the specificity, clarity, and relevance necessary to attract and hold customers better than your competitors do.

Creating and implementing a positioning strategy that connects your business or brand to a targeted set of customers better than your competitors, not only acts as the tangible foundation of your branding but is also the lens that focuses all of your brand development and promotional efforts into an efficient business growth machine.

But developing an effective positioning strategy, one that creates the right balance of relevance and differentiation, takes some effort and experience. It often takes someone pushing you to think about your business and your customers in a different way; in ways that you may be too close to see.

We have worked with major corporations and brands around the world to do one thing … create positioning strategy that grows their business. And, since 2000 we have done exactly that for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries and categories.

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