Business Strategy

There’s no doubt you recognize the importance of a solid, clearly defined business strategy. But, without a clear sense of what you want your business or brand to achieve it is too easy to waste time and money in an attempt to reach a poorly defined goal.

I’d be willing to bet that you didn’t just come up with an idea, put it on paper, and call it a business strategy. Chances are you had an idea, wrote it down, thought about it, revised, it, thought about it some more, and eventually reached the refined business strategy you have today.

Having a well thought out and clearly articulated business strategy is one of the most important things you can do since your business strategy will set the direction and focus of all aspects of your business. However, a great business strategy alone doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, it’s simply one of the first steps necessary to give your business or brand a chance at success. A business strategy gives clarity to where you want your business to be but doesn’t necessarily lay out the path to getting there.

If you’re like many of the professional marketers and business leaders we work with, you know where you want to go but are frustrated that the business growth you need to see your vision through just isn’t there.

You're Not Alone

If you’re struggling to get the results you want, you may be questioning whether your business strategy is right. Our experience says that it might not be your business strategy that needs revising. While there are many reasons a clear business strategy doesn’t translate into the sustained long-term growth you’re reaching for, one reason shows up as the culprit more often than any other … ineffective positioning strategy – a positioning strategy that lacks the specificity, clarity, and relevance necessary to attract and hold customers better than your competitors do.

Creating and implementing a positioning strategy that connects your business or brand to a targeted set of customers better than your competitors, not only acts as the tangible foundation of your business strategy but is also the lens that focuses all of your promotional effort and dollars into an efficient business growth machine.

But developing an effective positioning strategy, one that creates the right balance of relevance and differentiation, takes some effort and experience. It often takes someone pushing you to think about your business and your customers in a different way; in ways that you may be too close to see.

We have worked with major corporations and brands around the world to do one thing … create positioning strategy that grows their business. And, since 2000 we have done exactly that for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries and categories.

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