I’m so happy I finally decided to contact you! We struggled for months with our agency trying to find a unique space for our product but just couldn’t get there. I never anticipated the opportunities your team brought to us ... we are in such a great place now. Can’t thank you enough for your help.
— Erika K., Sr. Director, Marketing, Pfizer

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 We've been featured in:

The power of great positioning strategy is missing from many brands — so we set out to change it.


Brand Engineers was founded on the knowledge that great positioning strategy unlocks the full potential of every product, service, and company. To achieve great success brands must harness the power strong positioning strategy can have in their market and on their competitors.

For almost two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to the art and science of positioning strategy, making it our mission to guarantee that every brand we work with achieves the highest level of success; ensuring that every brand we work with is unencumbered by weak, vague, non-differentiating, or irrelevant positioning.

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands faced with the daunting task of creating or maintaining market relevance. During the process, we’ve learned what successful positioning looks like and how to help new or struggling brands get there. We have taken brands in diverse categories and situations—pharmaceutical & biotechnology, OTC healthcare, snack foods, personal care, produce, coffee and many more—from entering highly competitive markets or lagging behind the competition, to dynamic growth and market leadership. If you’re concerned that neither your team nor your agency has the level of experience with positioning strategy to get your brand on the track to success, let’s set up some time to discuss your situation and see if it’s the right time to bring in Brand Engineers.



Projects completed for our clients have included many or all of the elements listed below. Each project is unique. Every timeline and budget is different. In each case a project includes the components critical to creating the most impactful and competitively strong positioning strategy possible for our client's product, service, or company to succeed in its market(s).



  • Target Customer Selection
  • Product/Need Identification
  • Emotional Driver Definition
  • Competitive Analysis & War-gaming
  • Product Placement-Usage Occasion Determination
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Positioning Strategy Creation
  • Perceptual Milestone Development
  • Qual-Quant Positioning Validation
  • Brand Blueprint Development
  • Communication Team Integration
  • Tactical Execution Evaluation & Alignment
  • Ongoing Strategy Review & Alignment

(May include elements listed under Launching A New Product plus:)

  • Positioning Strategy Audit
  • Competitive Market Evaluation
  • Target Customer Refinement
  • Brand Assessment (Historic & Future)
  • Strategic Dissection & Planning
  • Line Extension/Sub-Brand Integration
  • Positioning Strategy Adaptation
  • Agency Team Reintegration
  • Communication Execution Consulting

I just want to thank the Brand Engineers team. After months of hard work and great strategic thinking, we have developed a solid process and great tools for the global brand teams to utilize when developing positioning strategy.
— Mitch T., Sr. Director-Marketing, Eli Lilly & Co.

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We've worked on over 250 brands over in the last 20 years, so we know a thing or two about positioning. Seeing it all enables us to bring an experienced approach to each and every new project. Contact us today and find out how we can help you uncover positioning success.