No Charge Strategy

We often hear from companies servicing the pharma industry that they don't charge for "strategy." If that's the case and the strategic advice you receive is "free," then what can it really be worth?

An agency does not do its best thinking for you if they're not getting paid to do it. It's that simple. You have to ask yourself, "If my agency is best qualified to supply this type of Brand guidance, then why aren't they charging me for it?"

Strategic thinking becomes an intangible in an Agency environment. At best, a Brand strategy is well thought out once a year during business plans. The rest of the time, tactical execution is in the spotlight. The problem with this is that commitment to a Brand strategy should be continuous—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is an ongoing process that must be constantly evaluated in light of an ever-changing competitive landscape and FDA-punctuated environment.

If you're getting "No Charge Strategy" from your marketing partners, give us a call. We offer highly specialized strategic insight and planning capabilities that are worth hearing about.

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Dennis Crowley