Peeps Brand Expands

The marshmallow delights so popular around Easter have expanded…into Christmas?  While Peeps dominate the shelves around Easter and have an almost cult following, they have attempted to expand into Halloween with mixed results, probably because they carry such a strong perceptual link to the Easter holiday.  So for a brand that is so connected to bunnies and eggs, will they ever be able to successfully expand into other holiday areas?  They’re certainly making a push to do so, now offering new flavors like Candy Cane and Sugar Cookie in an attempt to become more relevant during the Christmas season.  Could this dedication be the extra step necessary to shift peeps from an Easter-only brand to a holiday brand?  Does the push to make the shift away from Easter-only have the potential to hurt the brand in the long run?  So far they haven’t been able to break the association so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the old adage is true … “be careful what you wish for”.