So You Think You Need A Super Bowl Ad?

What if we told you that you could reach far more potential customers than you can reach with a Super Bowl ad for less money by going all digital. Emotionally, you’ll probably disagree even though your analytical side knows we’re right. Visible Measures found that the online video viewership of the 2014 Super Bowl was 5x larger than the TV audience … FIVE TIMES!!  In fact, most of the TV advertisers released their Super Bowl content online days before the game in order to maximize exposure. Advertisers that released their content online before the game had viewership rates 175% higher than those that did not release the content before the game. This continues to mark the ongoing shift to a digital world where content is consumed at rates far exceeding those of traditional media. This isn’t necessarily happening to the exclusion of traditional media, but in conjunction with it to capture both audiences and extend the consumer-brand interaction and experience. Those brands that overlook digital are missing the opportunity to reach their customers who are increasingly interacting with the brands they like online.

Dennis CrowleyComment