Strategic vs Tactical Spend

Take a look at the present year's expenditures for your brand. What was the state of your fund allocation in terms of strategic versus tactical spend?

We've estimated that less than 1% of budget dollars go toward strategy and positioning. The irony in this is that these are the marketing aspects that ultimately drive the vast majority of your spend. Even if you allocated 2% or 3% to ensuring appropriate strategic and positioning insight, would that still be enough?

Determining the right strategy and positioning for your Brand is what determines success. You could put out hundreds of pieces, but if they're not going after the right targets with the right message then they're not doing much for you.

Spend more on Brand positioning and strategy…more time, more resources, more budget. At Brand Engineers, we know what these investments can produce. Contact us to conduct a Brand Audit and learn more about the state your Brand is really in. 

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