Targeted Positioning Strategy

Most new products find themselves competing in markets that are becoming more crowded and competitive, increasing the importance of brand positioning strategy. In many instances, an easily recognizable competitive advantage does not exist for these new products. In fact, at first glance, many customers may see these products as offering very little advantage (if any at all) …

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Targeted Positioning Strategy (Part-2)

In our last PositioningTip®, we identified the increased importance of differentiating brands when competing in crowded and competitive markets. We reviewed how, in these situations, brand teams have a tendency to move toward a broader, less narrowly-defined positioning strategy in an attempt to widen their field of opportunity. This less-descriptive positioning often leads to a less interesting—and frequently under performing—brand. While our last tip outlined one potential solution: strengthening the positioning by …

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Copycat Strategy

Like most of you, it is nearly impossible for us to escape the onslaught of fast-food commercials on television.  A few weeks ago, for no particular reason, a Burger King commercial caught our attention.  The focus of the commercial was to promote the relatively new Big King.  It looked and sounded almost exactly the same as …

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Why You May Choose Dos Equis® This Holiday

As busy marketers, we often quickly define our competitive set as the products or services that fall in our product's class. If you have been reading our Positioning Tips you already know to look outside of the products that are explicitly in the class to determine those that are part of the consideration set for your customers.

Generally, there are two approaches to identifying the competitive frame …

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Avis Stops Trying Harder

In 1962, Avis CEO Robert Townsend was desperate to find a way to make his ailing company profitable. The story goes that he spoke to employees to try and figure out how to “right the ship” and with the help of their ad agency, DDB, they penned the now famous and iconic tagline “We try harder”. At the time, it’s pretty certain that neither Townsend, DDB, nor Paula Green …

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