The Elegance Of Focus

We have all watched in aww the dancer who seemingly floats across the floor, or the diver who after a series of flips and twists enters the water with a nearly imperceptible splash.

No one believes the professional dancer or Olympic diver reached the peak of their craft splitting their time and focus across a bunch of activities. Anyone who has ever jumped from the side of a pool or embarrassed themselves on the dance floor knows that elite level performance requires focus and dedication; countless hours of practice, evaluation, and refinement.

Like great dancers and divers, great brands are the result of tireless effort exerted against a single point of focus. Great brands spend countless hours developing, evaluating, and refining their positioning strategy until it is exactly right; until they are confident that what they will deliver is unique and relevant to the customer group they plan to deliver it to.

If we know that excellence requires focus, why do so many brands accept fairly generic positioning strategies?

Why do so many brands promote features and benefits that are virtually indistinguishable from competitors and promote them to a poorly defined target customer?

Success in any endeavor is built on focus, whether that’s dancing, diving, or marketing. If your brand isn’t performing the way you expect, ask yourself does it have the focus needed to be elite?

Dennis CrowleyComment