Because Relevance Matters

Your existing business or the new product or service you introduced was growing well for a while, but sales have slowed and despite the changes you and your team have made, nothing seems to be able to get sales growing at the pace you want again. Sound familiar? I wish it didn't, unfortunately, it probably does.



Typically, products and services experience pretty rapid growth when they're new because the most unsatisfied customers are looking for a solution. These people have tried other products or services that didn't fully satisfy them, so they move from product to product to product trying to find one that really works for them.

Regardless of the quality of the marketing plans you have in place, when you introduce a product or service unsatisfied customers will jump at the chance to try it hoping they will have found the answer this time.

Many will buy what you're selling for a while – some really satisfied, others not.

Hopefully, you're keeping more buyers than you're losing and sales continue to go up.

This low-hanging fruit is critical but typically unsustainable in driving the long-term growth of your product or service.


You'rE Not Alone

It probably won't make you feel any better, but YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Early growth due to these 'low-hanging fruit' customers happens in every industry. Whether your selling haircare products, snack foods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical & biotechnology products, accounting, or consulting services, your initial sales are going to the customers who are the least satisfied with the available options.


what happens next?

Typically, the enthusiasm, excitement, and energy you've been feeling comes to a screeching halt as sales growth slows. This happens when you fail to convert valuable targets into customers.

Let me explain ... these initial customers can come and go pretty quickly. If your product or service is good you will keep more than you lose, but by their very nature many initial buyers generally fail to become loyal customers.

They tried your brand –maybe it worked for them, maybe it didn't– either way, in most markets this group is usually too small and too transient to sustain significant growth.

Soon, you're losing almost as many customers as you're bringing in.

After several months of slow sales growth, that positive feeling you had turns into frustration, confusion, and turmoil as your whole team scrambles to figure out what's wrong.

If you're like many business owners or professional marketers, as sales growth slows, you will spend most of your time changing all of your sales and marketing materials, adding new tactics and programs, reworking your website, etc. with little or no impact on growth and big expenses for the effort.

This is the moment when the decision you make next matters most.

The difference between being a dominant business or a minor player happens right here!

If your brand's positioning isn't making your business more relevant to target customers than your competition, the growth rate you want is not in your future.


Great Positioning creates
extraordinary relevance

If you want to achieve a higher level of growth or just recapture the pace you had been growing before, you need to begin converting target customers.

And, if you want new customers, you need to give them a reason to change what they're doing today and give your product or service a try.

The only way to do this is to make your business more relevant to the customers you're hoping to attract.

Almost every business owner and professional marketer we talk with knows this implicitly.

Yet, few of them put it into practice. WHY? The list of reasons they give is long, but usually boils down to one thing – they feel like the only way to grow their business or brand is to be as inclusive as possible, to make themselves as attractive to the largest number of potential customers as they can.

some free competitive intelligence for you ... most of your competitors define their potential customers as everyone that has any reason at all to potentially use their product–


A Better Way

Right now, I'm figuring that if you've made it this far down the page, you must think like we do.

You're someone looking for a different approach to kick their business or brand growth back into high gear, someone who believes that great marketing strategy followed by solid promotion is the best path to success.

One of the few who sees the evidence all around them, that the most successful companies in nearly every industry have gotten that way by developing a positioning strategy that creates extraordinary relevance for a target customer group.

Companies which make their brand relevant to one group and turn them into loyal customers, then make their brand relevant to another customer group, then another customer group, and another customer group.

Not one of the most successful companies, in any industry, achieved their current level of success by speaking generally to all potential customer groups at the same time. None of them!


Simple. Helpful. And It Works!

So, let's talk about how we approach positioning strategy to build your brand ... and increase your sales growth.


It All Starts With Relevance

The goal is to create a connection between your product or service and your target customers to make your brand more relevant.


Step 1: Understand your brand

The first thing we do is learn from you about your business and your product or service.

The more we understand what makes your business special the better we can identify the customers that will flock to your brand. 

We want to understand why your brand exists and what makes it special, different, and more relevant to your target customers. What can your brand do for customers that they can't get anywhere else? The better we understand what makes your business special the better we can help potential customers see exactly why they need what you have to offer.


Step 2: Identify the opportunity

Next, it's critical to understand what causes your potential customers to buy.

What are the things that drive how they choose this type of product or service? What needs and desires do they have that affect the choices they make when considering a product or service like yours?

In other words, why are they considering purchasing these products or services and what do they hope to accomplish?

Most businesses get this wrong, which is why there is such a huge opportunity for those that do it better.

Most business owners and professional marketers settle on the most obvious and broad reaching reasons that seem to drive target customers' buying decisions.

This lack of depth causes potential customers to feel like all the products in the market are pretty similar and, therefore, almost any one of them will do.

That's not what you want for your brand! You want your brand to mean more to potential customers than any other brand out there, and that's exactly what we're going to help you do.

In this step we push, prod, and probe into anything and everything that could be a driving potential customers. Because we've been doing this for nearly 20 years and for hundreds of businesses and brands, we know how to get deep.

In other words, we help you look at potential customers in new ways and consider new opportunities to connect with them that can make your product or service more relevant to them and increase their likelihood to buy from you.


Step 3: Define your brand's positioning

Next, we set the goal for your team to drive toward. (For you professional marketers, this is where we develop the positioning statement.)

We're identifying the specific need or desire of your target customer that your product or service can uniquely satisfy. That thing that drives these customers to buy and which your product or service over-delivers on.

This is a coordinated strategy intended to establish your brand as the solution for the need these customers wish to resolve most.

We work with you to craft the detail needed to make sure every member of your team can follow and understand exactly how to incorporate the plan into the work they do every day.

By making sure you and your team have a complete understanding of what the customer is looking for and how to make your brand more relevant than any competitor, we are setting the stage for faster growth and higher revenue.

In this stage, the details are important. The more clearly your team can "see" the target customer and how your product or service will make a difference to them, the better they will incorporate it into their work and the stronger the bond you'll create with your customers.

The coolest thing about this ... when it's done right ... you can weigh all of your marketing decisions against how well they drive toward this goal. It makes marketing decisions easier!

Actually, that may be the second coolest thing. The COOLEST thing is that you'll spend your promotional budget more efficiently. Everything you do will be targeted and specific.

No more throwing promotional money out the window on generic ideas.

Every promotional decision can be made by asking one simple question ... "Will this idea make my brand more relevant to my target customer?"


Step 4: Draw the map

Now that we've figured out who the target customer is and what your brand must do to be the most relevant to them, we just have to draw the map to get there.

Sometimes the map is really simple, like the directions to the local grocery store, and sometimes there are additional steps. Either way, at this point the goal is to write those steps down, turn by turn, so anyone can follow them.


Step 5: Drive!

This last step is where the rubber meets the road.

If we've done our job right, this is where we start changing the customer's mind!

At this point we work with you to ensure that your advertising, promotion, and PR are all aligned ... that all your marketing materials and all the messages you are putting out connect with the road map and drive toward the goal.

In other words, we're here to help you make sure that all the hard work that's been done to this point is pulled through to the customer. No veering off the road. We've helped you get this far; we're going to help make sure you have the best chance of success by providing a guiding hand on the promotion your customers will see.

Our goal is to help you reach the sales growth you want and these steps are the most effective way to do it.

There is an art and a science to this ... and we've mastered it.

We'll help you understand how it all works in your business and help you manage your campaigns so they work for you.

Our sole desire is to make sure this is literally the single, most impactful thing you've ever done for your business, period.


Here's How To Get Started.

This service is NOT for beginners or startups.

But if your business is launching a new product or service or, if an existing brand's growth is not quite where you'd like it to be, then we can create a positioning strategy that can help you make your product more relevant to your target customers than ever before.

Even if your business fits the description above, this type of service is not for everyone.

This process is meant to challenge you, to question what you're doing now, to help you reconsider paths you may have disregarded in the past or see new ones you have not considered before.

If you're the type of person who gets uncomfortable thinking about your business and customers in a new way, this is definitely NOT for you.

Even if you're ready to be challenged, it's critical that we are both 100% certain this is the best thing to do for you right now.

And there's no way either one of us can really know that unless we talk and get to know each other.

So, if you're interested, let's set up time to talk.

I'll answer any questions you have, and I'll ask you a few myself. If we both decide we're a good fit, then we can move forward.

And if we don't, that's fine too. If you're happy, I'm happy. It really is that simple.

So, with that said, fill out your info below and we'll schedule a time to talk ASAP.

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