Positioning Gut Check

As you're preparing for the start of the new year, perform a "positioning gut check." Just ask yourself this simple question: "Can the positioning of my Brand be communicated with one thought?"

Here's a general rule of thumb—efficacy, safety, tolerability, and convenience, are all separate thoughts. If more than one of these is in your positioning statement…it's not focused. Unfocused Brand positionings are at the root of what is wrong with pharmaceutical advertising today. Find a hook and hang your hat on it. Physicians are the real consumers of pharma-marketing and we all know that consumers are responsive to branding. It happens everyday, in every medium. Memorable brands are built on a commitment to a single message.

Take Volvo. They're about "safety." That's it. They're not about safety, with speed, sleek design, good gas mileage, and affordability. Great pharmaceutical Brands can be built on the same philosophy.

Need help refining your positioning? Contact the experts at Brand Engineers—we have patented, results-oriented processes that deliver unique and effective Brand positioning statements. So call us, and next year the only "gut check" you'll need to perform is whether you're pants still fit after the holidays.


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